Tips and tricks for a tidy res room

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The small size of residence rooms can make them tricky to manage. Not only does it feel cramped, but it could be effecting your academic work too. Studies conducted by Princeton University have shown that people find it harder to concentrate in a cluttered room, so here are a few handy tips on to maximise on your space:

  1. Multi-plugs are a must: Since most res rooms have only one wall socket, investing in a multi-plug with a surge protector will assist you in the long run. An extension cord will also help if your plug point is in an awkward spot. Both are easily available at local supermarkets and electrical retailers.
  2. Use suitcases as storage: Extra clothes or bedding can be packed into your bags, which will fit neatly under your bed or on top of your cupboard. This frees up a lot of cupboard space.
  3. Collapsible clotheslines: These are handy when it’s raining or if the laundry room is too busy. They keep laundry in one place and can be neatly stored away after use. While most residences have tumble-dryers, these are useful during load shedding and are good for air-drying delicate clothing.
  4. Keep one water container: Tt might be easier to keep a big 25l water bottle in your room, as opposed to having bulky 5l bottles around the floor. Most containers have a spigot for easy pouring.
  5. Follow the one-minute rule: If something can be tidied up or cleaned in under a minute, do it immediately. Staying on top of clutter helps your res room look tidy, even if you haven’t had time to clean in a while.

By Aaliyah Aboobaker