Student news wrap 23/05/19

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NSFAS wants presenters for their new TV show

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is looking for young vibrant NSFAS funded students to present the new NSFAS Uncapped TV show. Nine lucky students from across the country will be chosen.
Here’s how you do it:
– Send in your own home-made 30 second audition video posted on your Facebook or Twitter page and use the #NSFASPresenterSearch hashtag
– Tell everyone how NSFAS has helped you as a student.
– The more likes or retweets on your video the better your chances.
Winners will be announced on 16th June 2019 (Youth Day).

Student wears worker’s overalls to graduation

Mondli Xulu has come a long way from surviving on social grants and hustling to support his family. Through National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding, he has earned three degrees and is enrolled for a masters degree.

Xulu caused a stir after wearing a pair of worker’s overalls and a hard hat to his graduation ceremony at the University of Zululand last week. He stated that he did not have money to buy a suit but also wanted to protest against graduate unemployment. Despite his success with studying he has yet to secure an internship. “I have been trying and trying with no luck. I am still looking, I will never give up till something comes my way,” he said adding that he posted his pictures online to try and find a job to support his unemployed siblings and himself. – Read more on this story on the Times Live news site

The bar is open but we have no church venues – UL students

The University of Limpopo (UL) has given students the bar they wanted for their own safety, but it’s not sitting well with others. Frustrated students took to social media on the weekend to vent about the “closure” of venues for church services held on campus, while the bar remained open. Acting university spokesperson Mosela Selepe responded that some of the church venues were being used as examination rooms where tables are marked at night and the rooms locked to prevent people from removing the numbers. He added that churches are being allocated venues within residence areas and bar services were not in operation during the examination period. The student bar has been operating for more than a month now. – Read more on the Sowetan Live site.

400 US students get their loans cleared by philanthropist

Christmas came early for the class of 2019 at Morehouse College. Close on 400 students were stunned when philanthropist Robert F Smith, told them he would pay off all of their student loans. Besides the estimated $10million (ZAR 143million) to clear the student debt, the billionaire technology investor also donated $1.5m to the college. One student, owing $200,000 (ZAR 2.8million) in loans, wept with relief and joy at the news. Watch the video and read the full story on the BBC news site