PUK FM Local Top 10 03/04/19


You can listen to the PUKFM Local Top30 chart on Wednesday evenings between 6-9 pm. Malaga ft JR & December Streets hit number 1 with Summertime Vibe. Scroll down for more hits.

#1 Summertime Vibe by Malaga ft JR and December Streets

#2 Sterre Brand by Jan Bloukaas ft Janie Bay

#3 Messed Up by December Streets

#4 Out of Control by CrashCarBurn

#5 In Place of Something by WONDERboom

#6 Alright Now by Runaway Nuns

#7 Wonder by Straatlig Kinders

#8 Hadeda by The Kiffness

#9 Electric Night by Tresor ft AKA

#10 Defeated by Richard Stirton

Let us know your favourite tunes or any new lekker local music.