Read this before your next Jrney


With rising fuel prices, transport is one of the biggest monthly expenses for students. Jrney, a free transport app, was created specifically to help students to reduce their transport costs.

The concept is very simple: If you have space in your car, you can fill it with people or parcels using the Jrney app. Alternatively, if you need to get somewhere, you can use the app to find someone with a car going your way.

Not only will Jrney help you cut costs, you’ll also cut down on your carbon footprint as well as having a chance to to meet some cool new people.

How it works:

Jrney will notify you when another user has posted an advert that matches your current advert so you won’t miss the next booking. It will also store all the details for you so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing. This is especially useful for drivers who can see all their bookings on one screen – in list or map view.

Jrney uses Google Maps to help generate a pick up and drop off route for drivers for easier navigation. The app features built-in live tracking to track both people and parcels while en route. This can be shared with friends and family to show where you are and know when you have arrived safely. Jrney also has a Message All function which enables drivers to message all booked passengers at once.

You can check the FAQ page on the app for answers to your questions.

Airtime promotion:

To help you with your first Jrney, you will receive free airtime when you place an advert or make a booking on the Jrney app. The airtime voucher will be sent to you via SMS and in the Jrney app notification centre. Terms and conditions apply. The airtime giveaway is limited to the first 200 users, so get cracking if you don’t want to miss out!