2018’s PUK FM local chart toppers – Part 1


We have been featuring the PUK FM Local Top Ten for the past year and it’s our pleasure to present all the number 1 songs in this compilation. (Please note that the list is compiled only from the charts that were available but does not cover every chart featured through the year). This is part 1 featuring songs from Feb til May. Enjoy the music!

February 7  and February 14 – Fokofpolisiekar peak at number 1 with Parkiebank, Herfs 2017

February 21 – Da Capo ft GOODLUCK peak at number 1 with Take It All

February 28 and March 7 – IV4 peak at number 1 with I Believe

March 14 – Ever Heard rock at number 1 with Fire To The Trees

March 21 – Crimson House peak at number 1 with Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine

April 11 – Opposite The Other are at number 1 with Everybody Knows

April 18 – Made For Broadway are at number 1 with Don’t Say Goodbye

April 25 – Jeremy Loops surfs to number 1 with his epic video for Waves

May 2 – CrashCarBurn hit number 1 with Summer Forever.

May 9 and May 16 – December Streets hit number 1 with Magic

May 23 – Sutherland crack the number 1 spot with Just For You