Student news wrap 21/11/18


News from around the world.

Student arrested for killing his attacker gets bail

Athenkosi Zenani, who was arrested for allegedly stabbing a robber, has been granted R500 bail. The Nelson Mandela University student appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court yesterday (November 20) on a murder charge. The student had been walking with friends to a nearby house when he was allegedly robbed by two men, one who was armed with a knife. Zenani allegedly managed to grab the knife from Ali Msabaha and stabbed him while the other suspect fled. In an affidavit read out in court by advocate Ricardo Abrahams, Zenani said he would plead not guilty to the murder charge. The matter is postponed till January 31 for further investigation. – Read more on this story on the Times Live site

Two students killed at Kinshasa University amid protests 

Two students died after being shot on Monday (November 12) at Kinshasa University in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The victims were demonstrating against a three-month-long strike by professors who demand better pay and who also want the head of the university replaced. Police chief general Sylvano Kasongo stated that the officer had been arrested and would face a military hearing. Yesterday (November 19) police blamed troublemakers from a poor neighbourhood close to the university of continuing to stir up trouble as they cracked down on protesting students last Friday. A biology student said police fired live ammunition into the air and tear gas in areas where the students lived. “We threw stones to defend ourselves,” the student said. Another science student who said he had fled back to his room claimed that “police officers are all over campus. They arrest passers-by, and rob their telephones, money and bags.” – Read more on this story on the News 24 site.

Michigan University offers first degree in marijuana science

Northern Michigan University is the first college in the United States to offer a four-year undergraduate degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry. The programme will include studies in soil, biochemistry, biology, and biostatistics. Brandon Canfield, the associate professor of chemistry who started the programme, said: “Obviously, the programme is new and it might speak to a certain crowd. But, for a student to succeed, they’re going to have to be very dedicated and motivated. This is not an easy programme. It’s a really intense biology chemistry programme.” Students won’t be growing marijuana as part of their degree, but they will study its medicinal effects along with other plants. University administrators acknowledge that businesses involved with cannabis are some of the fastest-growing in the United States but that there is a major gap in educational opportunities available to prepare people for this field. By providing education on the subject, a new standard can be set which will elevate the safety and quality of the product. – Read more on this story on the Mind Unleashed site