Student news round up 19/02/18

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Our round up of student related stories from around the world.

Students invent filter which pulls clean drinking water out of thin air (US)

A team of student entrepreneurs and inventors from the University of Alberta hope to conjure clean drinking water out of thin air. While only in the prototype phase for now,  Edmonton’s Rutu Mehta believes the ‘Aqua Caelum’ system has the potential to provide millions of people around the world with access to clean drinking water.

“It’s much like a dehumidifier”, Mehta said.  “It condenses the water from the air, so as hot, humid air passes over cool coils, it condenses the water molecules trapped in that air, which can be further filtered for consumption.” The end result? Good old H2O.  – Read more on CBC’s news site

Bill would hold universities to account for sexual abuse (US)

Three United States senators have introduced legislation to hold universities accountable for sexual abuse and require university leaders to review sexual abuse cases involving employees. Following horrific abuses involving Larry Nassar at Michigan State University and Jerry Sandusky at Pennsylvania State University, the senators are introducing the Accountability of Leaders in Education to Report Title IX Investigations (ALERT) Act to require university leaders to certify that they have reviewed any reports of sexual abuses perpetrated by university employees. –  Read the full story on the University World News site

Students protest against extended military conscription (Armenia)

In November 2017, the President of the Republic of Armenia signed a new law on ‘military duty and military service’, which states that to get a military draft deferment, all male students must sign contracts with the Armenian ministry of defence and must agree to serve in the military for three years after completing their undergraduate studies.

The new law was brought in to address what the government saw as corruption in the practice of students getting exemptions to delay military service. Its adoption sparked protests from hundreds of students from different universities around the country. – Read more on the University World News site

Redbull competition draws students from 60 countries 

The Redbull Can You Make It? competition has attracted 200 student teams from 60 countries across the globe. Elected teams will have one week to travel across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency. The goal? Making their way to Amsterdam within those seven days. Each team had to submit a one minute video to apply and you can still vote for your favourites on the Redbull website. Voting ends in two days and the competition kicks off on April 10. Check the site for more info and updates.