PUK FM Local Top Ten 14/02/2018


You can listen to the PUKFM Local Top 30 chart on Wednesday evenings between 6-9 pm. Fokofpolisiekar stay at number 1 with Parkiebank, Herfs 2017. Check out who else is rocking the chart this week.

#2 Broken Society by Matt Carstens ft Francois Van Coke

#3 Questions and Wine by Cadillac Sun

#4 Take It All by Da Capo ft GOODLUCK

#5 Rhythm Of The Night by KAHN

#6 Things We Did by 2wice Shye ft Kimosabe

We do not have any media for this song right now but you can listen to the tracks and the album here  Want more from this duo? Listen on Soundcloud

#7 Cap2vated by Easy Freak

#8 Just One Moment by Riversun

#9 One Move Away by Rubber Duc & Plstk Pidjin

#10 I Believe by IV4