PUK FM Local Top Ten November 8


The PUKFM #LocalTop30 happens on Wednesday between 6-9 pm. Here are the top ten songs on this week’s chart. Gold Fish peak at number 1 this week with If I Could Find. Read more to see who else is on the chart.

#2 New Camera by We Are Charlie

#3 The Gift by Prime Circle

#4 Lost Poet by Go The Rodeo

#5 Inside Out by Matthew Mole

#6 Better Off by Janie Bay

#7 Whatever Goes by The Cosmic Strange

#8 Love To Share by Grassy Spark ft. Bonj Mpanza

#9 Need To Hear by Bad Peter

You can listen to and buy the song here.

#10 Without Me by Easy Freak

We have no media for this song right now, but you can listen to the track and the whole album here.

Let us know what you think and what you like!