Student news world wrap-up – 17/10/17

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Catch our wrap-up of student news around the globe: Saudi Arabia’s first driving school for women has been approved, Irish students protest new student loan scheme, first year students in Germany forced to sleep in tents and more

Saudi university to establish driving school for women

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University announced on 30 September that it is ready to establish a driving school for women in co-operation with the relevant authorities. The university made the announcement on their Twitter account, adding that their decision comes in line with the Royal directive to allow women to drive equally with their male peers in the kingdom. King Salman issued the decree last month, according to a royal court statement.  – Read more at Arab News.

Irish students march to oppose student loan scheme

In a statement issued as thousands of students marched through Dublin to voice their opposition to a loan scheme, Irish Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor said the government was adamant no “undue financial pressure” should be placed on parents and students.

She said the government was awaiting a report from the Oireachtas education committee on the Cassells report on the future funding of higher education. This sets out a number of potential funding options, including a loans scheme or a fully state-funded third-level system. The Union of Students in Ireland, which organised last Wednesday’s march, said any loan scheme will result in crushing student debt and push more graduates to emigrate. – Read more at The Irish Times

Accommodation crisis forces students to sleep in tents

Germany now has around 2.8 million students, and the student welfare services organised in the DSW have repeatedly warned that accommodation prospects are steadily worsening. Many first-year students are having to sleep in cars, tents or party halls due to continuing accommodation shortages this winter semester.  – Read more on this at University World News