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Wits School of Law
Wits School of Law

Keen to pursue a career in law? Applications are open for just a few more days to study an LLB at Wits School of Law next year. Wits offers two different streams for completing an LLB depending on your course credits from your undergraduate degree.

The School of Law teaches undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to students from all across Africa and is proud that its graduates fill corporate law firms, NGOs and advisory firms throughout the continent. Studying at Wits exposes students to top international academics and leading legal research, while also placing a strong focus on the public interest and human rights law so that graduates recognise the power to use their legal skills for the public good.

The Wits School of Law offers the LLB programme in two streams:

  1. A two-year LLB stream where students choose to first do a BA (Law) or a B Com (Law) which feeds into the LLB
  2. A three-year LLB stream (for students who decide, after completing a first degree, to study law)

The two-year LLB stream: Students enter this stream if they have already completed a BA (Law) or a B Com (Law) degree. Since students are given credit (totaling not more than 50% of the credits for the LLB) for the law courses completed in the BA or B Com degrees towards the LLB, they can complete the LLB in two years.

The three-year stream: Students enter this stream after having completed a bachelor’s degree without doing any law courses. Since they have had an opportunity to develop their critical and analytical skills in a first degree, they are equipped to deal with legal studies in an effective manner and may finish the LLB in three years.
Career Options
Students who complete the LLB Programme go on to enjoy careers within law firms, the NGO sector, the government, management consultancy, academia, as advocates and as legal advisors within companies.

Why study law at Wits?

  • The Wits School of Law is based in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Studying in Braamfontein, students get a chance to enjoy this fun and creative district while also being in the business centre of Africa.
  • The Wits School of Law has great links with the legal industry with many law firm partners and senior figures in the NGO world and judiciary having attended Wits.
  • Wits School of Law’s academics are counted among some of the most well respected academics in the South African legal field. Many are NRF rated and have their work featured in the legal press.
  • Wits’ large campus has great teaching and sporting facilities and students enjoy a diverse range of student societies to choose from.

Admissions Criteria

  • An undergraduate degree
  • 60% average in final year of study

How to Apply

  • The closing date for applications is 30 September 2017
  • Applications for the LLB Programme are accepted online here.
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  • Visit: for more info and course details