PUK FM Local Top Ten September 6


The PUKFM #LocalTop30 happens on Wednesday between 6-9 pm. Here are the top ten songs on this week’s chart.  Al Bairre stays at number 1 this week with Don’t Say, Go Away. Read more to see who else is on the chart.

#2 Suited by Shekhinah

#3 Stay The Winter by Charlie Finch

#4 One Punch Knockout by Oriison Ft Jacqueline Tolken

#5 Suburb Boy by The Vanilla

#6 Romeo by Josh Wantie

#7 Stand Up And Feel The Love by Michael Lowman ft. Lelo

We don’t have any media for this song but you can buy it here.

#8 Silver Skies by Gavin Edwards

Listen to the track on the new album here

#9 Falling Into You by Riversun

#10 Vir Jou by Karen Zoid

Let us know what you like, what you want on the chart and what SA music is rocking right now.