Perdeby app of the month: Cognition

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Every month, Perdeby tests and reviews an app that we think makes life easier. This month, Cognition (an app dubbed as the ‘Uber of tutoring’) was put to the test.

Rating: 4/5
Cognition is an app which brings students and tutors together, and works similarly to Uber. As a student, you request a lesson, specifying the date and time, subject, and offered pay rate. The student’s location is automatically shared. Students can either make the lesson available to the public, or they can directly request a lesson from a specific tutor. If made public, tutors can bid for the lesson.

The app runs very smoothly. As a tutor, I have never experienced a technical issue with it. The only problem I have encountered is that I cannot change my profile picture which has been frustrating, the photo in question is not one I would have chosen to present myself as an educator. Apart from this, the overall experience has been very positive. The notifications for requested lessons are prompt, the system is very easy to use, and the simplicity of the design and the smooth running of the application have made it a pleasure to use. The app works nationwide, but it is most used in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Stellenbosch.

Perdeby spoke to the director of Cognition, Kyle Dodds. He announced that in the next few weeks they will be expanding from just school lessons to university lessons, and applications for university tutors are already open. The process to become a tutor is rather rigorous. Dodds specifies that applicants must have attained at least “75% in matric for the subject that they are applying to teach” and documentation needs to be uploaded and approved. Dodds also revealed to Perdeby that Cognitions has “one of the lowest admin fees out of any company”, which is definitely appealing to tutors and students alike. This admin fee is paid as a booking fee when students book a tutor, and tutors earn whatever they have stipulated, without having to lose a small sum to the company.

In the long-term, Cognition aims to break into the foreign market. They also plan to implement outreach programmes which will “deploy [their] services to those who can’t afford it”. They are looking to expand their team, which provides opportunities for students and tutors, and they are currently looking for an honours student with “experience in marketing and product deployment” for part-time work.

Overall, this app is intuitive and definitely worth the download. It is leaps and bounds ahead in the tutoring industry, bridging the gap between students and tutors by providing an immediate and cost-effective platform on which they can engage.

Written by: Carly Twaddle

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