PUK FM Local Top Ten June 28


The PUKFM #LocalTop30 happens on Wednesday between 6-9 pm. Here are the top ten songs on this week’s chart. Louise Carver peaks at number 1 this week with Keep Your Eyes On Me. Listen to this track on Soundcloud. Read more to see who else is on the chart.

#2 My Body Moves by Opposite The Other

#3 You Come Running by The Graeme Watkins Project

#4 Mexico by December Streets

#5 Believe In Yourself by Satanic Dagga Orgy

We have no media for this song right now but you can listen to the track or buy the album here.

#6 When The Rain Comes by Little Ringo

#7 Starting to Stop by We Are Charlie

#8 Leave Me If You Can by Josh Kempen

#9 Tall Walls by Goodluck ft Kyle Watson

#10  If I’m The Tide by Shortstraw

Let us know what you think of the chart and who your fave musos are. Thanks for sharing!