Stellenbosch University condemns neo-Nazi posters on campus


Nazi-styled posters for “the new right” group have been put up on the campus of Stellenbosch University. The posters call on “the Anglo-Afrikaner student” to “fight for Stellenbosch” by attending a meeting in the library on Thursday.

Both university management and the Student Representative Council (SRC) released statements yesterday condemning the posters. University management said it “condemns racism, racial superiority and any attempts to polarise our campus community in the strongest possible terms and will not allow any event promoting racial superiority to take place on campus”.

Rector and Vice-Chancellor Wim de Villiers spoke out and said that these posters went against the core values of the university.

“There seems to be deliberate mischief-making involved, and if that should be the case, disciplinary steps will be taken,” he said.

The university confirmed that despite the posters advertising a meeting in the library, the venue was never officially booked and that only a query about the availability of the auditorium on Thursday evening was made.

The SRC in said in a statement said it was “deplorable that at a time when the University of Stellenbosch has called for the decolonization and transformation of our campus: such incidences still occur.” The SRC has urged the university to make use of all its resources including surveillance footage to identify the perpetrators.

The SRC also encouraged all students to stand together to “condemn this act of racism and violence, which contrasts so starkly against the very vision and existence of our student body and institution.”

As of yet no further details have been released, but the matter is being investigated by the university.

Written by Jody Davison