PUK FM Local Top Ten May 3


The PUKFM #LocalTop30 happens on Wednesday between 6-9 pm. Here are the top ten songs on this week’s chart. Sunset Sweatshop peak at number 1 this week with Move It. You can see their video here. Read more to see who else is on the chart.

#2 Come On Baby by Retro Dizzy

You can listen to this funky track right here

#3 The Thought Fox by Atom Band

#4 All You Want Is Space by Made For Broadway

#5 Sealion by Edisontide

#6 Sally by The Vanilla

You can listen to the song right here

#7 What Could We by Ryki

#8 Boo by Shortstraw

#9 We Could Be Divine by Khan & Karen Zoid

#10 Follow by Gangs Of Ballet

We have no media for this song at the moment but you can see more of the band’s great tracks here.

Let us know what you think of the chart and if you can help out with links for songs with no media, please message us!