55th Simonsberg Metropolitan attracts 1800

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Last Friday saw nearly 2000 people flock to the famous “voorgras” in front of the Stellenbosch men’s residence for the annual highlight of the student social calendar, the Simonsberg Met. The event mirrors what is now known as the SUN Met (previously J&B Met). There is however one main difference.

The first years are required to make their own horses out of cleaning tools like broomsticks or anything useful to race on. As is standard for any handmade animal,  their horses had to be nurtured and looked after until the Met. Leading up to the event, many horses went to lectures with Simonsberg first years.

This year the fashion scene definitely did not disappoint, as students dressed to the nines and were donned in the latest trends. Met started at 5pm and ended by 9pm. Even though the night ended early, it did not deter students from having a good time. From start to end the good music and energy contributed to an enjoyable evening.

The Simonsberg Met has a rich history, with the first being hosted in 1963, the event is considered to be the most established and oldest student event on campus. It also happens to be the largest student organised event in South Africa! This fact rang true as Facebook served as a platform for students to buy and sell last minute tickets, after the event was rumoured to be sold out.

Tickets were previously pre-sold in the form of bands, shown as proof once you entered the gates. Henry Strydom, a HK who co-holds the MET portfolio, said that the online ticket system was a first for the MET. “We have learned a lot from the new ticket system and will make improvements, such as more gates for security purposes at future events”.

Strydom also added that “the Met is different to other student events as it showcases our first years and also epitomises our pride for our residence.” He continued to say that, “the MET as well as the MET fashion show was well supported and was a great success.”

Another first for the event was the Met Gala held on February 8, which showcased ladies who were preselected for the Met girl competition from women’s residences, around campus. The girls were pampered and spoilt with outings and prizes.

Simonsbergers also looked forward to competing against floors in their residence to build the best “stalletjie”. The front lawn of Simonsberg was transformed into a racing track surrounded by stalletjies and pavilions. Each floor designed “stalletjies” based on a theme. This year’s themes included, “The Trump tower”, “On the rocks” and “Mexican mafia” to name a few. These stalls set the tone for the day and truly displayed the full spirit of Simonsberg.

Other highlights of the prestigious evening included horse racing, placing bets and watching  up and coming band, Early Hours, perform. The South African band broke the record with over one million plays on Soundcloud!

Written by Tess Vengadajellum