UP management prevents fallists from registering

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UP management has allegedly emailed students who have criminal cases pending against the due to their involvement in Fees Must Fall, saying that their registration for 2017 is being reconsidered.

On 17 January, EFFSC UP spokesperson Lungile Sonwabo tweeted “The University of Pretoria is not allowing fallists to register unless they bind themselves to a contract not to partake in protest action”. Sonwabo also tweeted “This university [UP] has never allowed any processes. Even our suspensions were unlawful. They really defeat me,” alongside a photo of an email he received  from the university, which demanded a formal written request to the UP management indicating why a request to register should be considered and what undertakings the students are willing to give to avoid history to repeat itself.

UP management highlighted in the email, that as per the terms and conditions in the registration of 2016, the University is not legally obliged to accept the registration application of any student. In the email it was also stated that “in the event, that you have been awarded placement in a University residence and your request of re-registration in 2017 of a student is not approved, you will automatically forfeit such resident placement.”

Written by: Pooja Pundit

Originally published: www.perdeby.co.za/sections/news/tuks-news/5231-up-management-prevents-fallist-from-registration