Review: Lost Children – The Dandies

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Powerful guitar notes, pounding drums and belting vocals easily distinguish The Dandies unique sound from any other contemporary local South African band.

Hailing from Potchefstroom, The Dandies have recently released their 2nd album entitled Lost Children. The album boasts 12 tracks, each with their own individually thunderous bass lines and resounding vocals. The Dandies composed the album with the intention of attracting a wide scope of listeners, both young and old, mainly because they wanted their music to speak to the inner child within all of us as a means of bridging the distances between us through connections with either the music, the lyrics or both.

Lost Children is exceptionally well composed, with stand out singles being the sixth song on the album entitled “Kick the mud” and the last song entitled “Above the Mess.” I enjoyed “Kick the mud” immensely because of the carefree tone encapsulated in the lyrics and the striking guitar accompaniment that emphasis the high-spirited vibe of the words. “Above the mess” concluded the album beautifully because of its soothing rhythm and more contemplative vocals. “Above the mess” resonates with one’s soul because it lulls you into a state of rumination and allows you to lose yourself in the melody.

I would recommend the album for the college/university segment of listeners, but the album definitely has the potential to appeal to a much wider range of listeners. Lost Children is currently available on i-Tunes, Spotify and Soundcloud just waiting to enchant your ears.

The Dandies embark on a nationwide tour later in the year seeking to take their sound to all the lost children, so if your heart connects with their sound be sure to catch them live.

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