Thinking of a change of direction and interested in law?


Are you interested in a career in law? Do you have a degree? If yes, the Wits three year graduate entry LLB is for you.

The three-year LLB programme is aimed at students who already have an undergraduate degree but do not have any law credits. It is therefore best suited to students who make a later decision to pursue a career in law, following the completion of their first undergraduate degree.

The three-year LLB programme is also sometimes chosen by students who wish to specialise in a particular area of law. For example, they may wish to become a specialist in patent law or forensic medical law, and might have attained a degree in engineering/science or medicine first.

Why study at Wits School of Law?

The School of Law’s programme offerings are highly prized in the marketplace for their high standards of academic excellence and practical relevance. The wide range of subjects taught by acknowledged experts allows students to develop themselves into world-class legal specialists.
About the programme:

Prospective students should apply for the BCom with Law (CB013) or the BA with Law (AB002). For more information and queries email:


A first award, usually a BA or BCom, where no law units have been completed.


Please visit for prospectus and application information as well as a full breakdown of the course.

Applications close: 30 September