Biffy Clyro, “Ellipsis”

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Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro have returned with the drop of their latest album entitled Ellipsis, a notable departure from their usual grand, polished sound. Rather than falling prey to fans and critics thinking they should produce the sound they’re known for, Biffy Clyro have taken the chance to experiment and grow.

Their latest release emphasises a more minimalistic, somewhat raw sound which relies on electronic elements to create a unique sound that early fans might not recognise from previous albums like Opposites or Puzzle. In fact, Ellipsis transitions from soft, gentle, folk songs such as Medicine and Small Wishes, to heavier and more straight-forward “classic” rock with songs such as Wolves of Winter and Animal Style. Their contemporary take on their old genre blends with a sound reminiscent of 1970s rock song guitar solos and elaborate drum-kits.

Nevertheless, this album is worth the experience, and serves as an interesting example of how a band can explore novel expression without succumbing to pressures of routine and tradition.

Rating: 4\5

Written by: Dylan Gray

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