Rugby match interrupted by #SRCMustFall


Friday’s rugby game between Rhodes’ first team and Walter Sisulu University was cut short  by #SRCMustFall protesters.

Walter Sisulu who were out for blood after a tough loss to Rhodes at Inter-Varsity last year. Rhodes kicked off the game, which resulted in a line out on the halfway line. Within the first three minutes, Walter Sisulu was awarded a penalty, which they kicked successfully to lead 3-0. Walter Sisulu proceeded to push Rhodes back into their territory. Rhodes managed to steal the ball back just within their half and pushed back to Walter Sisulu’s try line where a line-out was taken.

Rhodes was awarded a penalty but failed to kick it successfully. The scores still at 3-0, Rhodes continued to push Walter Sisulu back to score the first try of the game by Yalusa Nodada. The conversion was unsuccessful, leaving the scores at 5-3 to Rhodes. Walter Sisulu retaliated by stealing a try, putting them back in the lead. They successfully converted the try, leaving the scores at 11-5 to Walter Sisulu.

During half time the field was occupied by #SRCMustFall protesters who refused to leave. “We need numbers. I don’t understand how there is a rugby game happening while we are in need of support,” said one of the protesters. This was met with chants from the stands urging them to leave the field.

The protesters eventually agreed to leave the field. The game has been rescheduled for Friday, 27 May in Port Elizabeth.

Written by: Catherine Berlein

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